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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beginner's Guide to Oyster Mushroom Cultivation at Home

Oyster mushroom cultivation it's easy and fun! 

Species belonging to Pleurotus spp. (Basidiomycetes) resemble wood inhabiting mushrooms presenting wood-rotting abilities, degrading wood as saprophytes or facultative parasites growing on living or dead wood substrata on which produce a white rot. Pleurotus is more likely growing on deciduous trees and is rather rare on conifers.
Fruitbody morphological aspect: oyster shelf like cap 5-15(20) cm in diam of flesh like consistency with an eccentric-lateral stem of fibrous consistency. The cap color is variable, ranging from a species to another, and may be: white, cream, yellow, pink, reddish, grey, brown or dark grey.
Totally, there are known more than 20 worldwide well known oyster mush-room species.
Growing oyster mushrooms at home is very easy (known as the easiest to cultivate from all cultivated species). It grows on a wide range of substrates such as: paper, straw, leaves, and cotton residues, sawdust, etc which are rather present in rural areas. 
Oyster mushrooms are rich in proteins (about 10-30%, fat, vitamins, miner-als, etc), they have a therapeutic effect with a major impact on human health (0% cholesterol, polysaccharides with antitumoral, anti-inflamatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and immunomodulating effects). In addition they are delicious and worldwide famous.

Fig. 1.  Pleurotus fruitbodies (Photo credits:
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